Due to wide spread of jBASE on international market, there is a great demand for Unicode-enabled solutions that could properly handle local character sets. Vultar ODBC driver supports both, ANSI (8-bit or single byte) and Unicode (UTF-8) character sets out of the box.

Each alias has a parameter [Character set] where administrators indicate the character set  used by jBASE in communication with terminal devices. Whether your jBASE system is working in international mode, UTF-8 character set has to be defined for the given alias. Otherwise, choose the ANSI code page used in your company. Either way the driver will convert terminal output to ODBC compatible Unicode code points. The driver is Unicode-enabled, thus outputting wide strings to destination.

The output of a telnet emulator supporting UTF-8 mode looks as follows:


The driver has to be in sync with the setup of jBASE environment in order to deliver proper data to Windows applications. In the Administrator tool, the dropdown box [Character set] indicates which character set is used by jBASE for telnet communication.


An SQL query (performed by MS Excel app.) returns the following results: